Assignment for XI IPA1-3

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Kumpulan Tugas

Please one of theses topics and run an analytical expostion not more than 350 words. un original/a copy from any sources in term of soft copy or hard copy will be rejected,please send your work,due to 1 dec,2010

  1. forbidden to carry a mobile phone in school

    mobile phone can have a negatif impact teaching and learning system. as well as the students played a mobile phone like sms, thelephone, even using internet networking, even students can also downloaded sites or anyting that basocally came out of the things that positif train.

    first, mobile phone should be banned fromschool if th student was taken to use it at the time at the learning progress, and for a facilitated mobile phone camera is used to access porn vidio or anything pertaning to the negative things. mobile phones can also cause social inequalities among students cause not all students have mobile phones and if has an also not necessarily have the same facilities dominated.

    second, in this case i think not only of students who becone critical spotling but teachers should also be able to set an example for the students so as not to activate the mobile phone when being taught. cause in realiyi the rules only apply to students while some teachers still activate the phone when he was teaching as telephone and sms.

    if the school had make such that constitution. i feel must be accompanied by policies that can overcome pro and contra if indeed these rules shall be made.

    yulia fatmawati,
    XI IPA 1

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