Teaching English Based Positive Emotion

Posted: July 30, 2009 in Uncategorized


Teaching English through possitive motivation is a promissing title. Oh ya, last year, i joined writing competition hold by Jawa Pos (the biggest Newspaper in EAst Java).I wrote such a promissing title: Emosi Positive Pacu Semangat Belajar. Then i deeply think what can i do to arose the enthusiastic of student in learning English.I beared something in my mind that telling story in the beggining of the class will of course release all pressure even stress. I began to tell in proceeding 4 minutes many interesting stories(humor, wisdom,etc). They seem interest. Moreover, many SMS come to me say that it is a such very interesting and most a wait class.A ha…..and they do enjoy the class after i tell them a story, they also involve activities wholly.Can this possitive emotion brings them success in speaking English?Just wait…………


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